An exhibition of photos by Mohammad (Nader) Foqani, the photographer of “Muhammad (S), the Messenger of God”, Majid Majidi’s latest movie on Prophet of Islam, has opened in the Iranian Artists Forum (IAF).

The showcase is a part of the “10 Days with Iranian Photographers” program, which displays photos by different photographers on various subjects.

Co-written by Majidi and Kambuzia Partovi, “Muhammad (S), the Messenger of God” portrays the life of Muhammad (S) until he was 13 years old along with the religious and social atmosphere in Mecca at the time.

Sareh Bayat, Mohsen Tanabandeh, Rana Azadivar, Alireza Shojanuri and Mina Sadati star in the film.

The exhibit will run until December 18 at the forum located on Musavi St., off Taleqani Ave.