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CMNTY Culture Films, a sub-division of Philip Lawrence’s CMNTY Culture, announced that they will be the lead production company on “The Last Plantation.”

The film, which marks the company’s debut project, follows the untold true story of a Black soybean farmer, John Boyd Jr., and white accident attorney, James Farrin, as they overcome long odds and Washington gridlock to obtain $1.25 billion for over 18,000 Black farmers who had been discriminated against by the U.S. government. Boyd Jr. and Farrin took on the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) — which had been nicknamed “the last plantation,” after decades of reported unjust treatment of Black farmers — with the case ultimately resulting in one of the largest civil rights settlements in history.


“The Last Plantation showcases everything that CMNTY Culture stands for with its underlying themes of racial justice and social equity,” Lawrence said, announcing the project. “It’s an important story to tell, not only because of its historical context, but also because it points to how we can come together to address issues and injustices, even in a polarized world. We couldn’t be happier to launch our film/ TV vertical with such an inspiring project and hope that it helps shed some much-overdue light on the often neglected plight of Black farmers.”

Founded in 2019 by Lawrence, CMNTY Culture is a Black-owned entertainment and media enterprise with several of portfolio entertainment verticals in the music, music publishing, film, television and real estate spaces. The premise of “The Last Plantation” closely aligns with the organization’s mission to promote racial equity, social justice, diversity and inclusion.

Hunt Lowry of Roserock Films and Jesse Kennedy are signed on to produce the film, which was written by Tyger Williams. Lawrence, Farrin, CMNTY Culture’s COO Miles Cooley and CEO Thomas St. John will serve as executive producers.

Source: Variety