Art and Experience: Peter Dinklage needs you! The man who is Tyrion Lannister in Game Of Thrones is putting the finishing touches to his latest flick and is — Hollywood bullshit phrase alert — “reaching out” to the Empire faithful to help crowdsource his movie. But he isn’t asking for funding. Instead, like a human version of Rekall in Total Recall, he wants your memories.

Directed by Mark Palansky (who directed the actor in 2006’sPenelope), Rememory sees Dinklage play Sam Bloom, who witnesses the unveiling of a machine that extracts and records memories in their purest form and then uses the device to turn detective and solve the murder of the machine’s inventor Gordon Dunn (Martin Donovan). It promises to be a smart, stylish slice of low-budget sci-fi with a thought-provoking conceit at its centre.

“Memory plays tricks on us all,” says Dinklage. “You tend to romanticise things a lot or make stories funnier. This machine gets to the true essence of the memory, how it really happened and you are able to relive it.

“The movie deals with how healthy a device like that would be when it enables you to stay in those memories and not live in the real world. It’s very important to be in the present: there is no future and there is no past, there’s only now. It’s crucial we take hold of that.”

Yet what is unique about Rememory is that Palansky and Dinklage want to furnish the film with actual memories — specifically your memories. You can head over to the film’s website and submit short form videos, either existing recordings of old recollections or newly created, specially shot videos of new memories. Dinklage and Palansky will then review the entries and the best will feature in the film.

“Send us something you think is lovely or more importantly, keep it personal,” says Dinklage. “With iPhones and the technology we now have, everyone is capable of doing it. It looks beautiful when it is uploaded to film. I don’t want to apply any rules or guidelines to it at all. Do what you feel touches you.”

A twinkle forms in his eye.

“I’m sure half of these we won’t be able to be use because they will probably be pretty blue. You know what? Those will be fun to watch too!”

If you want to submit a memory — keep it clean if you want to feature in the finish film — head on over to The film has wrapped principal photography (“Mark is deep in post production now,” suggests Dinklage. “Hopefully I didn’t ruin it.”) so get making those memories pronto.