Art and Experience: Iranian animated short ‘Pet Man’ directed by Marzieh Abrar Paidar won best film award and best characterization award in Kent’s Canterbury Festival.

‘Pet Man’ which had been shortlisted as the top 15 animated short films of the British festival, now takes home the awards for best animation film and best characterization.

The film has also been shortlisted as the top ten animations in Austria’s Innsbruck Nature Film Festival.

Earlier, ‘Pet Man’ won the award for best animated film in the third NEZ International Film Festival in India. In addition, it’s been nominated in the 10th International Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Festival which is slated for October 23-29, 2017. The film has been screened in Seoul International Cartoon and Animation Festival as well.

‘Pet Man’ unfolds the story of an animal seller who sees a horrific nightmare in which he is captivated into an animal cage. His efforts to escape from the animals seem useless as he is faced with an obstacle every time.

Canterbury Festival is Kent’s International Arts Festival, the largest festival of arts and culture in the region, and one of the most important cultural events in the South East.

Source: mehrnews