Art and Experience: Paul Thomas Anderson and Daniel Day-Lewis are reuniting for a brand new film — the secret kind, thus the best kind — that’s been vaguely billed as Anderson’s “Untitled London Fashion Film,” featuring an appropriately and understandably dapper Day-Lewis in the lead role.

Thanks to a brand new set of photos taken from the film’s set (via Vulture), it looks like those scant details are panning out, as this thing sure looks to be set in fifties, definitely in England and with Day-Lewis certainly mucking about in some sensible wool clothing.

Per the wonderfully informative Whitby Photography site, the production has been “filming just outside Whitby at Lythe Village over the past few days” and “the film crew have been in town since midweek. Filming is expected to continue on The Yorkshire Coast into February with the picturesque village of Staithes next on the list for a visit. Word on the local grapevine is that fishing boats have been hired for Feb in Staithes and some filming will also take part in various cottages on High Street.”

There’s also a possibility that these photos reveal the film’s title, care of vans and signs that pepper the shots, that bear the title “The Phantom Thread.” So it’s…scary fashion?

Focus Features picked up the film at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival, and will reportedly foot the film’s $35 million production budget. The film is currently untitled and is expected to hit theaters sometime this year.

Source: indiewire