Art and Experience: The 9th edition of Parvin Etesami Film Festival will be held in autumn, 2017.

The secretary for the 9th edition of Parvin Etesami Film Festival said that the event was to be held in May but because of the 12th presidential election it was postponed.

“Now we are waiting for the new Minister in the office”, he added.

The festival is named after one of the most respected contemporary female poets of Iran, Parvin Etesami, To honor women who work in cinema.

Parvin Etesami(1907-1941) was a Persian poet. The first edition of her Diwan (book of poetry) comprised 156 poems and appeared in 1935. The second edition, edited by her brother, appeared shortly after her death in 1941. It comprised 209 different compositions in Mathnawi, Qasida, Ghazal, and Qeta (Persian poetic styles).

Source: ifilmtv