Art and Experience:Iranian film ‘Parting’ directed by Navid Mahmoudi and produced by Jamshid Mahmoudi has won the top prize at the 9th Afghan Film Festival of Stockholm in Sweden.

The closing ceremony of the 9th Afghan Film Festival of Stockholm was held on the eve of Sunday September 10 during which the winners of this edition were announced. ‘Parting’ was awarded as the winner in the feature film competition section of the Swedish film festival.

Afghan director and Golden Globe winner Sedigh Barmak who was the head of the jury panel presented the award to Navid Mahmoudi.

On Sunday night, Mahmoudi’s film also won an award at the 5th Persian Film Festival of Sydney, Australia. More than 20 films were screened in the 9th Afghan Film Festival in Stockholm during which several other films from France, Tajikistan, Iran and Afghanistan were awarded as well.

Within the past year, ‘Parting’ has received quite a few international awards namely the special filmmaker award of Busan International Film Festival, the award for best actress in the International Festival of Morocco and the award for best feature film in Tripoli International Festival.

‘Parting’ is a gloomy love story of two Afghan migrants, Fereshteh and Nabi who intend to immigrate to a European country for the sake of prosperity and happy marriage.

A joint production of Iran and Afghanistan, ‘Parting’ has also been introduced to compete at the foreign film category of Academy Awards.

Source: mehrnews