Art and ExperienceThe Owj Arts and Media Organization has held a ceremony in tribute to filmmaker Nader Talebzadeh, presenting a lifetime achievement award.

A number of cultural figures attended the ceremony on Monday, delivering speeches to admire his career in filmmaking and educational activities.

Going on the stage to receive his award, Talebzadeh said “It was too hard for me to sit down and listen to all those compliments.”

“I think these are all a celebration for the Islamic Revolution. There was an Islamic awakening in the 1979 revolution and I had the honor to take part in it,” he stated.

Talebzadeh also added “Any time we keep a distance from the values, we will go the wrong way, but fortunately, the revolution still stands firm.”

Wrapping up his speech, the filmmaker said “I am happy that there are people here who I have had the chance to depict in my works. The Islamic Revolution needs constant efforts and I believe that the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) plays a key role in culture, giving the chance to everyone to speak.”

Cartoonist Masoud Shojaei-Tabatabai, poet Alireza Qazveh, filmmaker Masoud Dehnamaki and Art Bureau director Mohsen Momeni-Sharif were among the cultural figures at the ceremony.

Nader Talebzadeh-Ordoubadi is an Iranian film director, film producer, chairman of International New Horizon Conference and documentary filmmaker known for his TV series ‘The Messiah’ (AKA Christ).

Born in 1953, Talebzadeh traveled to the US where he completed his undergraduate studies in English and attended Columbia University Film School in New York City.

As an independent documentary filmmaker, he has directed, written and produced several award-winning documentaries about mass destruction Iraqi weapons.

The Owj Arts and Media Organization is a Tehran-based institution producing revolutionary works in art and cinema.

Source: ifilmtv