Art and Experience: A documentary series on Iran’s agriculture industry, which has been produced at the Owj Arts and Media Organization, was introduced during a session at the Center for Strategic Studies (CSS) on Wednesday.

CSS director Hesameddin Ashena, director Ali Khosravi, producer Ahmad Shafiei and a number of experts attended the session.

The documentary named “Fruits Have Remained on Trees” has been made in eight 25-minute episodes at Owj, a Tehran-based institution that produces revolutionary works in art and cinema.

“Those people who are behind this production are proponents of a school of documentary filmmaking that promotes talking to the officials through the language of pictures and films,” said Ashena who is also an adviser to President Hassan Rouhani.

He pointed to figures the documentary gives about a great amount of fruit tree crops that were not picked and went rotten in Iran last year and said, “A comparative study is needed to find a solution for this problem.”

“That we should learn from the others how to deal with similar problems; if we were not trapped in issues such as conflicts of interest, corruption, negligence and lies, our situation could be really different in issues such as food security,” he added.

Director Khosravi said, “We made this documentary to show how important agriculture is.”

“It would be a great achievement if this documentary can cause the officials to consider the importance of the agriculture industry,” he noted.

Source: Tehrantimes