Art and Experience: Amir Pourkyan executive producer for “Sometimes” which is present in Art and Experience section of Fajr Film Festival, on the eve of the film’s premiere at the Palais des Festivals (Tower) announced that media people should be waiting for a different and special red carpet for the film.

In an interview with ISNA reporter with Pourkyan , he said: “Our film’s red carpet is very different from the others and the audience will remember for it years.” The producer of the film which will be on screen on Wednesday, 10 February in Milad Tower, stated that not many details about this program could be tell, he added: “our red carpet start by paying tribute to some of our loved ones and then the other program and eventually crew are present on the red carpet. In a certain way we consider the form and coverage, but can not explain it, because I do not want it wiped freshness. ”

“Three couples face to a tragedy after a party they were in.” From now, name of “Sometimes” is known as the selfie film of Iranian Cinema; a film which the camera was in the hands of three actors and in fact, the cameraman was omitted from it. The shooting time has been in one day and before this time, the cast rehearsed for ten days.

The fascinating point is that the filmmaker told that he has chosen this structure for narrating a classic story based on climax and relief. It means that we face to story not one of those films which their unfamiliar structure supposed to justify or condense the shortage of narrative and script. Filmmaker of the film just thought of Art and Experience Cinematic Group from the very early process in pre-production time.

امیر پورکیان تهیه‌کننده فیلم «گاهی» که در بخش هنروتجربه جشنواره فیلم فجر حضور دارد، در آستانه اکران این فیلم در کاخ جشنواره (برج میلاد) اعلام کرد که اهالی رسانه منتظر یک فرش قرمز متفاوت و خاص برای این فیلم باشند.

پورکیان در گفت‌وگو با خبرنگار سینمایی ایسنا گفت: «فرش قرمز فیلم ما بسیار متفاوت است و تا سال‌ها به یاد تماشاگران خواهد ماند.» این تهیه‌کننده که فیلمش روز چهارشنبه ۲۱ بهمن ماه در برج میلاد اکران می‌شود، با بیان اینکه نمی‌تواند جزییات زیادی درباره این برنامه بگوید، اضافه کرد: «شروع فرش قرمز ما با ادای احترام به یکسری از عزیزان است و بعد از آن هم برنامه‌ای دیگر داریم و در نهایت عوامل فیلم روی فرش قرمز حاضر می‌شوند. در فرم و پوشش هم شیوه خاصی را مد نظر داریم که البته نمی‌توانم آن را توضیح بدهم، چون نمی‌خواهم طراوت و تازگی آن از بین برود.»