Art and Experience: Dr. Birgit Geschier is the Cultural Counselor of the Austrian Embassy, ​​who recently sent a special video message to Art and Experience Group explaining the activities of the Austrian Cultural Association during the Corona Crisis.

Geschier began her message by greeting and talks about the Austrian Cultural Association foundation’s 60-year history in Tehran. “Despite the inconvenience of hardship for the artists during the covid 19 crisis specially during first few weeks continuing the cultural activities in safe environment is still our highest priority, thats why we are back on the track with online programs nowadays. Also we would miss having the opportunity to meet the audience for live events. We are very excited to share our online programs with you.” she said. 
Dr. Geschier , after inviting interested parties to visit their association’s website to find out about future events, talks about the activities they have planned for their audience. This year, for the third year in a row, Austria will be responsible for bringing together European cultural foundations / EUNIC in Iran. . In addition, we have organized successful European film festivals with our well-known counterpart, the Institute of Experimental Cinema. In addition, we have prepared a special digital cinema event for you and in May and June (June and July) we will upload a film for you called “The Dreamed ones” by the famous Austrian documentary filmmaker Ruth Beckerman. .
The Cultural Counselor of the Austrian Embassy wishes good health and happiness for everyone at the end of her video message.