Art and ExperienceBack in 2002, Oliver Stone and his film crew flew to Cuba for three days and visited the country’s leader Fidel Castro for his documentary “Comandante.” The dictator, who died this past Friday, November 25, and the filmmaker discussed many topics ranging from his love life, political repression, free elections, among other subjects. 

Stone’s doc, partly produced by HBO, premiered at the 2003 Sundance Film Festival and was planned for broadcast on the cable network. Unfortunately, two weeks before it was supposed to air, the film was pulled after Castro executed three hijackers of a ferry to the US and imprisoned more than 70 political dissidents.

“I was heartbroken,” Stone told the New York Times at the time. “Comandante” was never theatrically released in the states but Stone created two other documentaries about the Cuban President, “Looking for Fidel” (2003) and “Castro in Winter” (2012), which chronicles Castro’s deteriorating heath and position in Cuba.

Luckily, for those who want to watch the 90-minute film, “Comandante,” it’s available online, and thanks to The Film Stage, they’ve also discovered a version with Stone’s commentary.

Source: indiewire