Art and Experience:Iranian directors Ebrahim Foruzesh’ “Hotchpotch” and Abbas Rafei’s “Oblivion Season” won awards in various categories at the Love International Film Festival, the organizers announced on Sunday.

“Oblivion season” received nominations in seven categories while it won the best actress award for Sareh Bayat and the award for best director of photography for Alireza Barazandeh.

“Oblivion Season” tells the story of Fariba, an ex-prostitute who starts a new life by marrying her lover but leaving the shadow of her dark past turns out not to be as easy as it had seemed beforehand.

“Hotchpotch”, which received eight nominations, was honored in three categories as it brought the award for best actress to Leila Otadi, the award for the best youth actor to Hossein Qasemi-Honar and the award for best screenwriter to Foruzesh and Mohammad Mirali-Akbari.

Starring Hedayat Hashemi and Otadi, “Hotchpotch” is about the challenges of a man who lost his wife in her first childbirth.

Iranian director Hassan Najmabadi’s short film “Copper Wire” was also screened at the international short film section of the festival.