Art and Experience: Five films have been nominated for the Abbas Kiarostami Award at the 18th edition of the annual Hafez Awards, the organizers announced on Tuesday.

The Kiarostami award was launched by the Hafez Awards in 2016 to honor an innovative filmmaker, but the organizers have said that the award will be presented to a debut directorial film with an experimental design this year.

The nominees are “Isolation” by Morteza-Ali Abbas-Mirzai, “The Home” by Asghar Yusefinejad, “Bridge of Sleep” by Oktay Baraheni, “Simulation” by Abed Abest, and “Khargiush” by Mani Baghbani.

“Isolation” is about Parviz who leaves prison for three days to hold a funeral for his wife, who died tragically in a car accident. He also wants to learn whether his wife has committed suicide.

“The Home” tells the story of Sayeh who has broken off relations with her family after marriage. Her father dies and she returns home to attend his funeral, but in his last will and testament, he has asked that his remains be donated to an academic center for autopsy. However, Sayeh is diametrically opposed to the idea.

“Bridge of Sleep” recounts the story of Shahab, who is about to get married. He enters a business deal along with his friend in order to help his financial situation. However, he loses all his money and finds himself in financial hardship. Creditors chase him after he fails to repay the high-interest loan he owes. His dad, a high school teacher, tries helping him but his fiancé puts pressure on him. As a result, Shahab decides to do something very unusual.

“Simulation” is about three bored young men who decide to pay a visit to an older man they only know vaguely, but the old man turns a gun on them as he thinks they’ve come to burgle him.

“Khargiush” is a comedy about Arash, whose father is diagnosed with cancer and has left the country. His friends decide to help him forget the difficult situation.

The ceremony of the 18th edition of the Hafez Awards, Iran’s first and only private awards in the film industry and TV productions, will be held in Tehran on August 13.

The Persian cinematic monthly Donya-ye Tasvir (Picture World) is the organizer of the film gala.

Source: Tehran Times