Art and ExperienceIran short animation ‘Nobody’ has been scheduled to be screened at the first edition of Bute Street Film Festival in the UK.

Directed by Elham Toroghi, the animation is to represent Iran at the British film event.

The 9-minute animation tells the story of a white cat living in a city of black residents. The cat tries hard to get food but no one seems bothered to give any.

The animation has so far succeeded to win the Special Jury Award from the 11th edition of the ANIMANIMA International Animation Festival in Serbia in 2017.

Bute Street Film Festival is an independent film festival which is set to take place in one day. The event showcases the best innovative and unswervingly creative shorts, features and art in all its forms from independent creatives and filmmakers worldwide.

The festival is slated for March 10, 2018 in the United Kingdom.

Source: ifilmtv