Art and Experience:  “No One will Die Here” directed by Hossein Kondari review session will be held on Saturday 24 September in Shiraz.

In resumption of movie review sessions of screened movies in Art and Experience group, Shiraz  is the host for review sessions every Saturday. On Saturday 24 September in this event screening of the movie will start at 4 PM and the review session will be followed with review session at 6 PM with the presence of the Hossein Kondari, the director and Reza Behboudi, the producer.

“No One will Die Here” is about Ashkan who goes for being in military service with his own decision. Somewhere he could protect his family from his sickness. To buy this security for others costed his own loneliness and coming closer and closer to fall. Homan Sayedi, Bahar Katozi, Mehdi Hosseini Nia and Reza Behbodi are the stars of the movie.

“No One will Die Here” produced by Abbas Rafe ee and Sina Saeedian will be present in “Art and Experience” section of the 34th Fajr Film Festival.