Art and ExperienceIran film ‘No Date, No Signature’ has been ranked first at the Iranian box office in its first week of screening.  

The movie stood at the first spot by raking 11,611,860,000 Rials in its first week of screening. The flick’s total gross reached 14,167,390,000 Rials.

“ Kaveh Nariman is a doctor who works at the Iranian Legal Medicine Organization. He has to examine the corpse of someone that he used to know in the past,” a short synopsis for the movie reads.

Hediyeh Tehrani, Amir Aqaei, Saeed Dakh, Alireza Ostadi and Navid Mohammadzadeh star in ‘No Date, No Signature’.

‘No Date, No Signature’ was premiered at the 35th edition of the Fajr Film Festival and received three Crystal Simorgh awards for best director, best actor in a supporting role and best sound mixer.

Other high grossing movies of the Iranian box office for this week are respectively ‘Wing Mirror’ directed by Manouchehr Hadi, (Weekly gross: 6,776,320,000 Rials, Total gross: 186,011,210,000 Rials),  ‘We Are So Cool’, directed by Bahman Goodarzi, (Weekly gross: 2,494,590,000 Rials, Total gross: 6,048,080,000 Rials), ‘Rabiditi’, Directed by Amir-Ahmad Ansari  (Weekly gross: 723,790,000 Rials, Total gross: 1,013,090,000 Rials), ‘Lovelance’, directed by Mohsen Mahini, (Weekly gross: 687,840,000 Rials, Total gross: 14,204,090,000 Rials).

Source: ifilmtv