Art and Experience: A lineup of nine Iranian movies will be competing in the 60th Zlin Film Festival running in the Czech city from September 4 to 14.

The festival will bring 300 films from 50 countries including 158 premieres, as well as 37 film workshops, and a supporting program.

Three films “Son-Mother”, “Blue Girl” and “The Ocean behind the Window” will be screened in the Panorama section, while “The Eleventh Step”, “Jebeer” and “Coward Ghost” will be competing in the International Competition of Short Animated Films for Children section.

In addition, “Gando”, “Howling” and “Raya” will be competing in the International Competition of Student Films section.

“Son-Mother” by director Mahnaz Mohammadi is about Leila, a widow who works tirelessly at a factory that is failing due to the U.S.-imposed sanctions. She receives a marriage proposal that could mean financial security, but could also tear apart her family.

Starring Maryam Bubani, Raha Khodayari and Shiva Ordui, the film is a co-production between Iran and Czech.

“Blue Girl” by Keivan Majidi centers on a remote village between the rocky mountains in Kurdestan, where everyone is in love with football, but there is no level field upon which to play the game. The children decide to climb up the mountain in order to find somewhere to play the game.

“The Ocean behind the Window” by Babak Nabizadeh is about the teenage Borhan who lives on a little-known, remote island.

Borhan wants to relieve the hardship by promoting the island to tourists. He gathers a group of islanders and holds a carnival of traditional music and theater. Life on the island starts to improve as more and more tourists come to visit. However, an unexpected problem is on its way.

“The Eleventh Step” by Maryam Kashkulinia is about a little lion cub who was born in a zoo, and lives in a cage that is only ten steps long. But one day the zookeeper leaves the cage door open.

“Jebeer” by Reyhaneh Mirhashemi shows a park ranger who patrols a national park, and his soul is intertwined with nature and all the creatures he protects.

“Coward Ghost” by Reyhaneh Kavosh focuses on a ghost who walks sad and alone in a forest until he meets a little girl who is surprisingly not afraid of him.

“Gando” by Teymour Qaderi is about Hawa who lost her right hand while going for water. Gando the crocodile is to blame. But the locals believe that where Gando is, there’s water.

“Howling” by Parsa Bozorgani shows when the Internet exploded with a video of a man cruelly killing a dog, no one was charged for it. Now it is an interview with the killer himself.

“Raya” by Sepide Berenji is about Raya who doesn’t want to move with her parents. She tries to find a solution. This is a sensitive look into the life and mind of a 9-year-old girl.

Source: Tehrantimes