Art and ExperienceIran’s short film ‘Delay’ is set to participate at the 2018 edition of the InShort Film Festival in Nigeria.

Written and directed by Mehran Dousti, the short film addresses the role of time in the communication between human beings.

Earlier reports said Iran’s animated short films ‘Dash Akol’ and ‘Pet Man’ will take part in the international competition section of the festival.

‘Dash Akol’, by Hajar Mehrani, is about a middle-aged man called Dash Akol, who falls in love with a 14-year-old orphan girl, Marjan. It is an adaptation of a short story written by prominent Iranian writer Sadeq Hedayat.

Meanwhile, ‘Pet Man’, directed by Marzieh Abrar-Paydar, tells the story of a pet shop owner who falls asleep in the shop and has a nightmare in which he sees himself in a scary cage with other animals. Trying to break the cage, he faces a barrier every time.

Organized by the International Film and Broadcast Academy in partnership with Goethe-Institut Nigeria, the festival “is targeted at emerging filmmakers, student filmmakers and tele-movies of up to 30 minutes length,” according to the official website of the gala.

The Nigerian festival will be held on December 27-29 in the city of Lagos.

Source: ifilmtv