Art and Experience: English Poster of  “Dog and the Mad Lover” was unveiled to the media in the same time of its screening in Milad Tower.

“Dog and the Mad Lover” the second work of Ali Mohammad Ghasemi was filmed in the Talesh area in 84 minutes. Ali Mohammad Ghassemi is one of the best directors of photography in Iranian Cinema. His presence in a film will be the trump card of it. He had “Jamedaraan” on screen this year and his work as a cinematographer was excellent. Whenever he finds a time among his works, he makes short films or documentaries too. This is his first long film of him which is in “Art and Experience Cinematic Group”. His familiarity with geography of Talesh region caused that he went to there and make a road film. Ghassemi counts his film as the result of spending his own money from his pocket proudly and favor of his real friends. All of these senses mean that he is happy with making the film. Decision of cinematographers to sit on the chair of directors has had different result. We should wait and see what Ghassemi has done.

A logical continuation of previous films, documentaries and short films along Ali Mohammad Ghasemi’s works, such as “Red Wind”, “Alien and native”, “Onshore wave”, “That much so far”, “Pacific War”, “Pizza Miami” and etc. The film production team were included of ten people and went in front of camera and his director done every thing himself from photography and filming to editing and sound recording.