Art and Experience: Babak and Behnoud Nekooei plan to make the third season of the animated series “Roobi and Chickens”, Behnoud told the Persian service of Honaronline on Monday.

The setting for the serial is on a farm, where a rooster lives in peace with his family, while Roobi, a smart blue fox in their neighborhood, intends to ruin the peaceful atmosphere.

Based on Iranian folklore stories, “Roobi and Chickens” tries to promote teamwork and the importance of the family in each season.

“Roobi and Chickens: A Passenger from Space” was selected as best series of the year at the Tenth Iran Independent Animation Celebration in November 2018.

The Nekooei brothers made the previous seasons of “Roobi and Chickens” at their Gonbad Caboud Studio, which plans to produce the new season in 13 episodes.  The series will be continued for six seasons.

The new season of “Roobi and Chickens” is scheduled to be broadcast on Iranian TV during the Noruz holiday beginning on March 21, 2020.

Source: Tehran times