Art and Experience‘Negar’s Role’, a motion picture directed by Ali Atshani, will be screened at the first edition of Aberdeen International Film Festival in Scotland.

This Scottish festival will start on October 4 and run through October 14. ‘Negar’s Role’ is the only film to represent Iran in this festival.

The film narrates the story of Farzad, a young man who intends to marry Negar without asking for his father’s approval. Eventually he manages to obtain his father’s permission, but it won’t last long thanks to Negar’s past which causes the state of affairs to take a different turn.

Atshani is notable for directing films such as ‘The President’s Cellphone’, ‘Wishbone’ (to be distributed by Netflix), ‘Banana Peel’, and ‘Mr. Alef’. His 2016 film ‘Paradise’ was a co-production between Iran and Germany.

The Iranian director is currently producing a comedy titled ‘1st Born’ with Hollywood.

Source: Mehrnews