Art and ExperienceNegar Moghaddam has been named best actress of 2018 Asian New Talent Award for her role in ‘Dressage’.

The actress gained the title Friday for the 2018 Asian New Talent Award at the ongoing 21st Shanghai International Film Festival.

The flick follows Golsa, an alienated teenage daughter of middle-class family who indulges her with opportunities the parents didn’t ever have, failing to notice moral needs of their daughter.

Golsa mingles with a group of wealthier kids. On a reckless adventure, they try to rob a small grocery shop. They leave trace of what they did in footage captured by the security camera of the shop.

The film has managed to receive special mention from the Generation section of the 68th edition of Berlin International Film Festival.

Shanghai International Film Festival 2018 currently underway in China runs till June 25.

Source: ifilmtv