Art and Experience:

For the first time, the special prize of the 16th International Resistance Film Festival in the “Narration of Pen” section will be awarded to the best-adapted screenplay.

The special prize would be awarded to this section due to its connection to oral history, contemporary history, and cinema literature, and the importance of addressing the facts and presenting a true story about the Sacred Defense.

In order to select the best screenplay in the “Narration of Pen”, at least four main categories including “Islamic Revolution”, “Sacred Defense”, “Resistance and Regional Issues” and “Islamic Awakening” have been designed in this edition of Resistance International Film Festival.

In this section, the diploma of honor would be also awarded to the best script of telefilm as well as the best short film script.

Scriptwriters of short, long, and adapted screenplays from all over the world, can send their works which have been written since 2016 in three languages including Persian, English, and Arabic, and also have not attended the previous editions of the festival without limitation in number.

The last deadline for submitting the “Resistance Prominent Martyr” is October 21.

The second part of the festival is covering “Main Competition”, “Resistance Prominent Martyr – Special Section”, “Best Film Competition in Absolute Sense” and” Narrations of Pen – Scriptwriting Competition. ”

Presided by Mahdi Azimi Mirabadi, the second section of the festival will be held from 21-27 November 2020.

Source: Mehrnews