Art and Experience: Iranian short film, ‘My Favorite Audience’ by Masoumeh Khazaie will take part in CINEBOOT- The Live Show in London, the UK.

Directed and produced by Masoumeh Khazaie, My Favorite Audience’ is a simple narrative of a love at a glance that faces unexpected complexities.

Hamidreza Farahani, Safoura Khoshtinat, Milad Mortazavi, Omid Golpayegani, Niloufar Karimi, Ismail Khazaei, Mohammad Sadra Hosseini and Ali Shokrzadeh are are the cast members of this short film.

Cinebooth is currently organizing a bi-weekly online streaming show featuring independent short films of all kinds without restrictions in subject matter, genre, or country of origin.

Source: Mehrnews