Art and Experience: A lineup of nine Iranian films and animations will be screened at the 14th edition of the Taos Shortz Film Fest, which will be held in the U.S. city in northern New Mexico from March 20 to 22.

“The Feast of the Goat” by Saeid Zamanian, “Coming Soon” by Amir-Reza Salari, “Past Continuous” by Shiva Taheri, “Tangle” by Maliheh Gholamzadeh and “You’re Still Here” directed by Katayun Parmar and Mohammad Ruhbakhsh are among the films.

The lineup also includes “Four out of Five” by Bahar Tofiqi, “Residents of the Last Floor” by Amir Jalali, “Bodies” by Morvarid Kashian and “To Be” by Puria Qasempur.

Source: Tehrantimes