Art and Experience: A lineup of six Iranian animations will go on screen at the various sections of the Montreal International Animation Film Festival – Animaze, which will open in the Canadian city on Thursday.

The lineup includes “Ascribed Achievements” by Samaneh Shojaei, “The Servant” by Farnush Abedi, “Roohangiz” by Elmira Baqerzadeh and “Icky” by Parastu Kardgar.

“Maned and Macho” by Sadeq Asadi and “Release from Heaven” by Ali Nuri-Oskui will also go on screen at the festival, which will run until August 21.

“Ascribed Achievements” will also compete in the 13th Busho-Budapest Short Film Festival, which will be held in the Hungarian capital of Budapest from August 29 to September 3.

Source: Tehran Times