Art and Experience: Four Iranian films are on screen in various sections of the 20th edition of the Religion Today Film Festival, which is underway in Trento, Italy.

“Coldness” directed by brothers Bahram and Bahman Ark is competing in the main section of the festival while “A157” by Behruz Nuranipur will go on screen in the documentary section.

“Coldness” is about an eight-year-old boy who is constantly anxious and wets himself due to the grave financial difficulties of his family. He is forced to hide himself under his mother’s chador every day coming back from school.

“A157” narrates the tragedy of three Kurdish girls who became pregnant after being raped by members of ISIS.

“White Shadows” by Mehdi Amini and “You Just Be My Mother” by Roqieh Tavakkoli will also go on screen in the short film section of the festival, which will run until October 22.

Since 1997, Religion Today has been the foremost international film festival dedicated films on religions.

Source: TehranTimes