Art and Experience:

 A lineup of four Iranian films will be competing in the 4th Malaysia International Film Festival.

The festival was originally scheduled to run from December 5 to 10, 2020, however, it was postponed to January 2021 due to the pandemic.

The lineup includes “A Man without Shadow” by Alireza Raisian, “Just 6.5” by Saeid Rustai, “The Slaughterhouse” by Abbas Amini and “The Oath” by Mohsen Tanabandeh.

“A Man without Shadow” is about a filmmaker who is threatened after making a film on violence, but his wife tries to help him with all her love. However, various incidents make things worse.

“The Oath” shows that in Iran’s legal system, 50 oaths in court can reverse a judgment. Razieh, whose sister was killed by her husband, takes 50 people to the courthouse by chartered bus.

“Just 6.5” is a drama about drug abuse and addiction. It is about a police group under the leadership of Samad who has been assigned to arrest Nasser Khakzad, a major drug trafficker in Tehran.

“The Slaughterhouse” tells the story of Amir, who has recently been released from jail and finds himself in a difficult situation when his father, who works at a slaughterhouse, calls on him to help him cover up a crime that has happened there.

Source: Tehrantimes