Art and Experience: A large number of Iranian films will be competing in the first edition of the Leloun International Film Festival, which is scheduled to take place in Rojava, the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (NES) from September 21 to 25.

The event will be organized in the region which has a large Kurdish population.

The Iranian movies “White Fish Season” directed by Qorban Najafi, “Shahin” by Salar Tehrani and “Nargese Mast” by Seyyed Jalaleddin Dorri will be screened in the official competition.

“The Old Man and the Singer” by Amir Osanlu and “Zhirleh” by Nahar Ruhbani are other Iranian movies to be screened in the documentary section.

Ten short movies by Iranian filmmakers will also be competing in the event. Among the movies are “The Castle” by Saba Qasemi, “Tumor” by Javad Ganji, “Playing with Pain” by Hamid Shahi and Marzieh Shamlu and “Finish” by Saeid Naqavian.

“Saad’s Olive Tree” by Ahmad Zayeri, “Lowest Floor” by Omidreza Kheirkhah, “This Side, Other Side” by Lida Fazli, “Password” by Hassan Mokhtari, “Command” by Farshid Abdi and “Mountain” by Teimur Qaderi will also so be screened in this category.

Source: Tehrantimes