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Fourteen movies by Iranian filmmakers will be screened in the different sections of the 4th International Amity Short Film Festival, which will take place in Istanbul, Turkey, from December 1 to 5.

“Bridge”, “Burned”, “Death Locked Out”, “Emergency” and “White Clad” have been selected to be screened in the official competition section.

“Bridge” directed by Vahid Hassanzadeh is about Roya, an urban girl who had failed in a relationship with her boss. She gets out of her boss’s car on a bridge. An old man who notices her, assumes that she wants to kill herself. When the old man is gone, Roya decides to pretend suicide to get the attention of people whom she knows, but no one cares, until a young laborer passing by changes her point of view towards life.

In “Burned”, every night when Hafeez hears the sound of gunfire at the border, he goes there to gather the belongings of immigrants’ corpses to make a living. One night among the corpses, he notices a young girl and her child who are hiding in a corner. The film has been directed by Fatemeh Mohammadi.

Directed by Amir Karami, “Death Locked Out” follows a young, rural girl who, as a nurse, enters the house of an old army man who is dying.

“Emergency” by Maryam Esmikhani is about Nazanin, a seven-year-old girl who is trying to reveal a secret that bothers her by getting close to the emergency agent who has come to their house to check on her mother.

“White Clad” by Reza Fahimi tells the story of a grandma who gives Ahmad, a ten-year-old boy, a cake of cheese, so that he can give it to his father, who is a teacher. His father should intervene and stop them from hanging grandma’s son.

The Humanitarian Eye Section features “Incurable” by Bahareh Nikju and “Long Sunset” by Sabah Mohammadi.

“A Silence’s Performance by Fariba Qasemzadeh and Mehdi Azari, “All Walls Are Low” by Hassan Dehqandoost and “The Kites” by Seyyed Payam Hosseini will be screened in the Forty Years of Gratitude Section.

The Panorama Section will screen “Duel” by Azam Moradi, “Nightclub” by Davud Rangkhaneh, and “Sweet Taste of Darkness” by Mitra Raismohammadi

In addition, director Majid Majidi’s acclaimed feature-length film “Sun Children” will be reviewed in the Special Screenings category.

It is about 12-year-old Ali and his three friends, who work hard together to survive and support their families. In a turn of events that seems miraculous, Ali is entrusted to find hidden treasure underground.

Source: Tehrantimes