Art and Experience: Three Iranian short films were honored at the 6th edition of the Realtime International Film Festival (RTF) in Nigeria, the organizers have announced.

“Load” by Leila Omran won the award for most liked film on the portal of the festival, which was held online in Lagos, Nigeria’s largest city, from April 7 to 14.

The award for best production design went to “Women Who Run with Wolves” by director Amir-Athar Soheili.

Amir-Reza Faramarzi won the award for best child actor for his role in “Fireworks Wednesday” by director Reza Muri.

Anupama Srinivasan from India won the award for best female director for her film “Are You Going to School Today?”, and Ozor Uche from Nigeria won the best art director award for “Ounje Ale”.

“I Loved the Mountains” by Brett Jubinville from Canada also received the award for best film made for kids.

Source: Tehrantimes