Art and Experience: Four Iranian films won awards in the Special Award category of the Mediterranean Film Festival Cannes, the organizers announced on Monday.

“Mermaid” by Amir-Masud Aqababaian was named the best film at the event.

The film is about Yunes, a survivor of a diving team from the Iran-Iraq war, who lives beside the Persian Gulf and tries to prove the oil companies are responsible for the water pollution in the gulf.

Khodadad Jalali was named best director for “A Baby with Red Socks”. The film’s star Samaneh Nasri also received the best actress award.

The film is about Baharnaz, an Afghan refugee in Tehran, who has to run away from her family to save her newborn baby girl.

Sattar Oraki was picked as best composer for his collaboration in “Mermaid” and “A Baby with Red Socks”.

“The Provisional Death of Bees” by Maryam Firuzi was named best short and Robabeh Ruhi was awarded for her short screenplay “Gandoo”.

The Special Award is organized in collaboration with Cineport International Media, an Iranian film distribution company, and the awards are presented to filmmakers from the Middle East.

The Mediterranean Film Festival Cannes is underway in the French town until Thursday.

Source: Tehrantimes