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Four movies from Iranian filmmakers are being screened at the 26th Schlingel International Film Festival for Children and Young Audiences in Germany.

The films “Sun Children”, “Loculus”, “The Young Wolves from the Apple Valley” and “Put at Stake” will compete in the different categories of the festival, which is underway in Chemnitz.

Directed by Majid Majidi, “Sun Children” has been selected to be screened in the Junior Film category.

It is about Ali and his friends, who keep afloat with small rip-offs when a big fish waves. They are given the task of recovering treasure that is buried in a drainage shaft. To get into the tunnel, they become part of the “Sun School”, a school for street children.

In “Loculus”, a short film by Amir Ruini, there is a power outage in the cemetery morgue. The morgue staff can tell by the foul odor that something is wrong. There is also a corpse there, the mother of a ten-year-old boy.

“The Young Wolves from the Apple Valley” tells the story of Asho, who is in danger. Since his father was charged with murder, he has had to hide as the girl Sogol with his aunt. Together with his cousin Pari, he goes in search of his mother, who was previously believed to be dead, in the Apple Valley.

Fereidun Najafi is the director of the film, which is competing in the Panorama section.

“Put at Stake” is competing in the Children’s Film category.

Directed by Nadereh Turkamani, the film follows Shahin and his friends, who want to start a soccer team. To earn the money for jerseys and shoes, they fatten geese. The sack of shots that the new boy in the village put in front of the door is just right for them. But the food is poison for the animals.

Dozens of movies from across the world are competing in the festival, which will run until October 16.

Source: Tehrantimes