Art and Experience: The Foundation for Preventing Social Harms has praised Hamid Nematollah’s latest movie “Subdued” for its underlying trend toward highlighting social repercussions of divorce.

The film won the praise following a screening at Tehran’s Mellat Cinema Complex on Saturday night, the Persian service of ISNA reported on Monday.

Nematollah and his film’s stars Leila Hatami, Kurosh Tahami and Leila Musavi, and screenwriter Masumeh Bayat, and a number of the foundation’s managers attended the screening of the movie.

The director of the foundation, Mostafa Rastineh, also selected Nematollah and his colleagues in the project as ambassadors of the organization.

The France-based company Dreamlabs is the distributor of the film that is about Mina who is recently divorced from her drug addict husband.

With her mother deceased and estranged from her father, she leads an independent life. After finding a job in a restaurant, she strikes up a friendship with its attentive manager. She starts having feelings she has never before experienced. These feelings, eventually shared, are shaken when the manager begins to distance himself from her. Thus commences a tumultuous emotional journey.

Source: Tehrantimes