Art & Experience: Movie review session of “Taj Mahal” by Danesh Eghba Shavi will be held in Artists House.

In resumption of review sessions of screened movies in Art & Experience cinema group, movie review session of “Taj Mahal” will be held on Sunday 22nd of November, in Artists House. In this session the movie will be on screen at 6 PM and review session will be start at 7:30 PM with attendance of Danesh Eghba Shavi(The Director) and Shahin Amin(The guest critic).

“Taj Mahal” is about the life of a family in Abadan which a burglary happens in their house. “Taj Mahal” is Danesh Eghba Shavi first feature movie which has been created by the presence of his family and some other professional stars like Jahangir Mirshekari, Parinosh Nazarieh and  Ali Mardaneh. “Taj Mahal” has been on Art & Experience cinema group screens since 10th of October.