Art and Experience: Four Iranian movies have been selected to go on screen at the XX International Festival of Detective Films and Television Programs – Detective FEST, which will be held in Moscow from April 23 to 27.

“Ferrari” by Alireza Davudnejad will be competing in the Feature Films category, the organizers have announced.

“The Voice of Silence” by Panahbarkhoda Rezai will compete in the War and Peace section.

The Environmental Offences section will screen “Simple Flow of Water” by Mehdi Ghazanfari.

“The Iron Dream” by Yaser Talebi is an entry to the Ideological Basis for the Development of Modern Industrial Societies section.

Other films are coming from different countries including Austria, Germany, Spain, India, Australia and the U.S.

A large number feature and documentary films and TV series, animated movies, thematic TV programs will be competing in the event.

Source: tehrantimes