Art and ExperienceUS-based Iranian filmmaker Amir Naderi has expressed gratitude to Iranian cultural officials for deciding to screen his movie ‘Monte’ in his homeland.

Naderi said in a call to his fellow filmmaker Mehrshad Karkhani on Sunday that he is “really happy that ‘Monte’ is on screen in Iran.”

“I would like the younger generation to watch my film… The impact of the film on the younger generation is important to me, even if they don’t like it,” he noted.

Dedicated to screening art films, Tehran’s Art and Experience Cinema Group started screening ‘Monte’.

The film is also scheduled to screen at the Film Museum of Iran.

‘Monte’ tells the story of a man who makes every attempt to bring the sunlight into his village, where his family is barely able to survive because of the prevailing darkness.

The 105-minute drama was filmed in the mountainous Italian regions of Alto Adige and Friuli. The film stars Andrea Sartoretti and Claudia Potenza.

Naderi received the Jaeger-LeCoultre Glory at the 73rd Venice Film Festival in Italy.

The prestigious award was conferred to him during a ceremony in the Sala Grande (Palazzo del Cinema) prior to the screening of his ‘Monte’.

Some of Naderi’s other works include ‘Harmonica’ (1970), ‘Waiting’ (1974), ‘The Runner’ (1985), ‘Water, Wind, Soil’ (1989), ‘Sound Barrier’ (2005) and ‘Cut’ (2011).

Source: ifilmtv