Art and Experience: Two Iranian documentaries from Iranian filmmaker Mahmud Rahmani, “Molf-e Gand” and “Zero-Degree Orbit” would be shown at the Canadian University of Simon Fraser University.

‘Molfe Gand’ (Foreboding) Synopsis: Mohammad who is forty turns to a 7-year-old boy in front of camera and narrates the story of Iran-Iraq war in a passionate way. Mohammad believes that some of the bad events during war had happened because of his bad childish guesses (Molf-e Gand).

Director: Mahmoud Rahmani (born 1980, Izeh, Khuzestan), made his first short film, “Gagola” in 2003, and “Oha” (dragon) in 2004. He made his first documentary, “Naft Sepid” in 2005, which was well received inside and outside of Iran and was screened at several film festivals such as IDFA, Cinema du Reel, and more. His second documentary film “Zero Degree Orbit” was produced in 2007 and received more than 15 prizes at in Iran and internationally. His latest documentary, “Molf-e Gand” was made in 2009.
Awards: Winner of best film from Nuremberg human rights international film festival, special jury prize of Cassel festival, award of best original film from Belgium film festival, winner of Brussels Millennium Film Festival,…

Entitled “Molfe Gand”, the documentary is about an Ahvazi man named Mohammad Ghadirzadeh, whose childhood lost during 1980-1988 Iran-Iraq war.

“Molfe Gand” is a term common in southern Iran meaning foreboding.