Art and Experience: Mohammad Shirvani, cinema director is preparing the “21 Inch” teaser, produced b Fatemeh Ghafari and Abozar Safarian.

According to Mehr News, Mohammad Shirvani cinema director and documentary director has started making the “21 Inch” teaser as one of the first digital feature films in Iran’s cinema and it will be publish soon.

Shirvani who has always worked in the field of digital film directing, accepted making the teaser for the goal of supporting the digital cinema which “21 Inch” is one of the pioneer examples of it. In synopsis is written, When a live match is broadcasting from TV, people who are in the studio arrested as hostages by a group. Kidnappers wants to quit broadcasting of the match in any case. In this condition, those who are in the studio, hostages are the best ones to keep the live broadcasting!

“21 Inch” has started screening in Art and Experience group cinemas since 20 February after 15 years.