Art and Experience: Iranian film director and screenwriter Tahmineh Milani says she is currently working on a fictional screenplay for teens adapted from ‘The Percipients of Planet Ourac’.

Talking to media recently, Milani said the movie adaptation of the book can breathe new life into films for teenagers, adding “It is an interesting story and suits the taste of today’s teens.”

She also noted that raising awareness and knowledge among children and teens with the help of science fiction screenplays is among her main concerns.

‘The Percipients of Planet Ourac’ is a book about a planet in the vicinity of Earth of almost the same size, written by author of children and young adults’ books Fariba Kalhor.

The planet’s residents, who are smart and live in a developed modern setting, can become invisible by some supernatural gas coming out of a tree.

One of them, Adapa, sees humans as shining halos through a telescope. He travels to Earth and comes across a girl with the biggest and most shinning halo and takes her to his planet to find out more about the halos.

Born in 1960, Milani graduated in architecture from the University of Science and Technology in Tehran in 1986.

She directed her movie debut ‘Children of Divorce’ in 1989, which won a Fajr Film Festival Crystal Simorgh.

She has made other movies as well, including ‘The Legend of Sigh’, ‘The Hidden Half’, ‘The Fifth Reaction’, ‘The Unwanted Woman’, ‘Ceasefire 1’, ‘Pay Back’, ‘Superstar’, ‘One of the Two of Us’ and Ceasefire 2’, from 1990 to 2014.

Milani has won several domestic and international awards for Best Director, Best Film and Best Screenplay for ‘The Unwanted Woman’, ‘The Fifth Reaction’, ‘The Hidden Half’, and ‘Superstar’.

In 1998, she made ‘Two Women’ for which she received much praise and numerous awards, including a Crystal Simorgh for Best Screenplay. She was also nominated for the Best Director award at the Fajr International Film Festival for the movie.

Kalhor, 56, has written numerous books for children and teenagers.

‘The Percipients of Planet Ourac’ was first published in 1992 by Qadiani Publishers in Tehran.

Source: ifilmtv