Art and ExperienceMichel Gondry‘s imagination is never hampered by the size of the endeavor, and while we haven’t had a feature from the director since 2015’s “Microbe and Gasoline,” he’s kept the creative juices flowing with a charming iPhone shot short for Apple, and ads for FedEx and Chobani. However, it looks like Gondry is about to start working on some big canvases again.

The director recently swung through Montreal to present his L’Usine de Films Amateurs, where he leads a small class through making a no frills movie, from conception to completion. But Gondry took some time out to speak with La Presse, and revealed what he has cooking, and coming up soon.

“I have two projects: a rather personal film about my creative wanderings while shooting a movie, with rather extreme and illogical things, and a TV series for an American channel,” Gondry shared (translation via Google).

We’re particularly intrigued by what his small screen series might involve, and who’s backing it. Did Amazon or Netflix snag themselves another auteur to put under their umbrella? Here’s hoping we find out soon.

Meanwhile, Gondry also revealed he’s made some kind of video for Beyoncé, and it’s ready to go. “Unfortunately, it’s not out yet because she twins, but it’s a finished clip [and it turned out] very, very well, I think.”

So, we could be getting a flood of new stuff from Gondry soon, and that’s some pretty exciting news.

Source: theplaylist