Art and Experience: The ‘Fahrenheit 11/9’ filmmaker’s Rumble Media unveiled its first feature, ‘Planet of the Humans,’ directed by Jeff Gibbs.

Michael Moore is expanding the scope of his Rumble Media banner with the release of an environmental feature documentary.

The 140-minute film, Planet of the Humans, was released Tuesday on YouTube, timed to Earth Day on April 22. The feature is expected to be available for free for the next 30 days before its on-demand plan will be determined.

The feature was written, produced and directed by filmmaker Jeff Gibbs, who has worked with Moore as a producer on multiple films, including 2002’s Bowling for Columbine and the 2004 blockbuster Fahrenheit 9/11, as well as 2016’s Michael Moore in TrumpLand and 2018’s Trump-focused follow-up Fahrenheit 11/9.

“We are losing the battle to stop climate change because we are following environmental leaders, many of whom are well-intentioned, but who’ve sold out the green movement to wealthy interests and corporate America,” said Gibbs in his description of the doc.

Planet of the Humans was financed by Gibbs and executive produced by Moore. Ozzie Zehner, the author of the 2012 environmental tome Green Illusions, served as producer of the film. The feature originally screened in August at Moore’s Traverse City Film Festival.

“This movie takes no prisoners and exposes the truth about how we have been led astray in the fight to save the planet, to the point where if we don’t reverse course right now, events like the current pandemic will become numerous, devastating and insurmountable,” said Moore.

Rumble Media, based in New York, began when Moore launched a podcast of the same name in December. It has published more than 70 episodes with support from advertisers.

Source: hollywoodreporter