Art and Experience Iranian feature movie ‘Mermaid’, directed by Amir Masoud Aghababaeian, will go to the competition section of Mediterranean Film Festival Cannes.

Sattar Ouraki is the nominee for the Best Soundtrack Award for Mermaid and Girl with Red Socks, and Mohammad Reza Arab, Mermaid producer, is a candidate for the Best Feature Film Award in the Mediterranean Film Festival Cannes.

Murmaid had six international screenings so far and has won the Best Film Award at the Kolkata International Wildlife & Environment Film Festival.

Murmaid narrates the story of Younes who is the survivor of a diving team in Iran-Iraq war and lives near Persian Gulf. He wants to set a status under the Persian Gulf as a memorial to his friends who were martyred in Persian Gulf. Meanwhile he faces to water pollution of oil companies.

Source: mehrnews