Art and ExperiencePopular Iranian actress Merila Zarei is to star in new project ‘Mannequin’.

Directed by Hossein Soheilizadeh, ‘Mannequin’ is to enjoy Zarei as one of the main stars.

According to a media report, the screenplay for the series has been composed and it is set to be a 26-episode flick.

Mohammadreza Foroutan is another main star of ‘Mannequin’.

“Big and perfect romances have always had huge and monstrous enemies,” a brief synopsis of the flick reads.

The seasoned director of the flick has made plenty of successful TV series so far such as ‘The Lost Love’, ‘Family Restaurant’, ‘The Petty Rentier’ and ‘Cocoons of Flight’.

ifilm viewers have also seen some of his works including, ‘The Sound of Rain’, ‘Worlds Apart’, ‘3-5-2’, ‘The Final Game‘, ‘The Daughters of Eve’, ‘Solace of the Heart’ and ‘A Mother’s Song‘ which is currently on screen.

Source: ifilmtv