Art and Experience:  “Mehrjui, Forty Years Career” documentary directed by Mani Haghighi will be on screen from tomorrow 4 January in Art and Experience group.

According to Art and Experience public relations, screening of this movie will start while Majid Ezatollah Entezami, Majid Eslami, Fakhrodin Anvar, Goli Taraghi, Faryar Javaherian, Leila Hatami, Khosro Dehghan, Bahram Radan, Omid Rouhani, Ami Seyedi, Darush Shaygan, Mohammadreza Sharifinia, Khosro Shakibaee, Hamidreza Sadr, Ahmad Talebinejad, Reza Alavi, Faramarz Fazmand, Masoud Ferasati, Bita Farahi, Niki Karimi, Mahmoud Kalari, Mohammad Ali Naghi Kani, Houshang Golmakani, Vahid Mohammadifar, Akbar Meshkani, Ali Mosafa, Toranj Mansouri and of course Darush Mehrjui are the people who were interviewed in the film.

The film is about one of the best and the most important filmmakers of Iranian post-revolutionary cinema and this time he is in front of some one else’s camera to be challenged about his works. This challenge is on the shoulders of Mani Haghighi who is the director of the movie.

15 hours of interview with Mehrjui and the talks with 27 people from the colleagues, actors and critics cant be place in 2 hours movie. Due to this matter the whole interviews have published in a book from Markaz publications and this documentary is just a visual analyze about the Mehrjui’s movies after revolution.