Art and Experience: Mehrdad Oskouei director of “Starless Dreams” Documentary announced that the film will be on screen of Art and Experience from 5 June.
Oskouei talked about screening of the movie in front of reporters and said: “I am happy that the film will be in theaters because if the film even affect a person, Its work has been done. I have given serious type of narrative in the film. The narration of dreams and hopes and fears number of girls that are waiting for freedom in Correction and Rehabilitation Center near Nowruz and New Year. ” This documentary director also talked about the cause of choosing the teenager victim topic and said: “I was hurt and in pain my self and due to the bankrupt father I spent my adolescence in poverty; so I decided to make the film about damaged teenagers and be the sound of those who are silent. The process of getting license for this movie took seven years and in this period children of Correction and Rehabilitation Center became free. During this period I chose two main characters of the film and put the focus of narrative on them. ”
Oskouei also talked about cooperation among the relevant institutions to make the film, said: “I thank the officials of the prison and judicial authorities that they allowed me to make three movies in a Correction and Rehabilitation Center institution. “Without Calendar days” in 1386, “The Last Days of Winter” in ’91 and “Starless Dreams” in 94 years. The three films are a kind of encyclopedia Association and for social workers and judges who want to become familiar with these kids displayed. ”
Starless Dreams is present in the thirty-fourth Documentary Film Festival, last December was awarded for Best Documentary Feature at the national diploma in Verite Film Festival.