Art and Experience: ‘The Puzzles’ documentary is set to go on release in Art and Experience theaters.

Mehdi Ganji’s film will be screened in Art and Experience cinematic group from 23 August, local media reported on Wednesday.

The documentary narrates the story of some college students who look into operationalizing their new idea in the computer industry as an entrepreneurial act. They set off to Tehran to make their dream a reality. The young students, however, do not exactly know how to get this done.

Born in 1978, Ganji began his professional career in 2002 after he graduated with a BA in cinema. His documentary ‘I want to Be a King’ is one of the most outstanding works by Ganji that is about an individual working in tourism industry and his relationship with his family.

پازلی ها

This film has appeared in many international platforms such as Sheffield Festival Selection (UK) and Dokfest Festival (Germany). It bagged many awards.

Art and Experience cinematic group is an opportunity to show worthwhile movies chosen from non-commercial ones, in order to demonstrate the brilliance of their creators in the cinema community. It also makes a profound impact towards improving Iranian filmgoer’s knowledge regarding movies as well as flourishing artistic aspects of Iranian cinema.