Art and Experience: The documentary “Me, Negahdar Jamali will make Western” directed by Kamran Heidari will be on screen of Art and Experience from tomorrow.

According to the Public Relations Department of Art and experience, this film will start screening from 13 February in Art and Experience cinemas. The documentary “Me, Negahdar Jamali will make Western” produced and directed by Kamran Heidari and Mehrdad Monavaryan.

Mehrdad Monavaryan wrote about this film: John Ford in assosiation of America director introduces himself with a short sentence. “I’m John Ford, I make Western.”
Negahdar Jamali also introduces himself in the same way when he met him, with strong confidence and without any shaking in his voice. And he is really western maker but not in the “Grand Canyon America” ​​but in Shiraz and the surrounding desert and he was busy for about 35 years in the making westerns with strict conditions.

Producer:Mehrdad Monavaryan , director: Kamran Heidari Editor: Bahman Kiarostami, planning, and Assistant: Director: Ensieh Alavizadeh, Cinematographer: Kamran Heidari Sound: Sasan Kaveh, Sound Mixer: Kamyar Behbahani, Farshid Zarmehr, Photographer: Sajjad Avarand Research: Kamran Heidari, color correction: Hamid Reza Fetorehchyan, translations and subtitles: Sanam Kalantari, Kambiz Safari, posters and DVDs: Ahmad Rezaei.