Art and Experience: Marzieh Borumand, the director of the popular puppet series “Grandmother’s Home” and “School of Mice”, attended the premiere of the children’s play “Toranj” in Tehran on Thursday.

A production by the Arian Theater Troupe, the play will be on stage for several weeks at the Institute for Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults (IIDCYA), the institute announced.

Afsaneh Zamani is the director of the play that she co-wrote with Shirin Khanjari. It tells the story of Toranj, a sad little girl who cannot attend a big party since she is not grown up enough.

Surrounded by a number of children and their parents, Borumand made the opening speech before the play went on stage and invited people to go and watch more plays.

“It is so good to watch plays on stage. It is also so good to watch the plays more carefully and both enjoy them and think about the message that each play carries for us,” she told the audience.

“Over fifty years have passed since I was a university student and IIDCYA’s first theater troupe was formed and I was a member of the troupe.

“The first play for children was staged here at this hall and I was one of the actors. And I am happy after all these years this hall is still active for children with the efforts made by its directors,” she said.

She next cut the ribbon for the premiere of the play.

Actor Nader Soleimani, whose daughter Barsin is one of the actors in the play, also attended the premiere.

Behnaz Behdust, Maryam Ashuri, Mehrnush Shariati, Marzieh Naderi and Parnia Asgharzadeh are the other actors in the play.

Source: Tehran Times